The shot above is a large thunderhead we landed in Longview, Texas to try to avoid while flying from Austin to near Texarkana. Click here to see a larger version.


Mammatus Clouds

In April 2000, we had a series of storms come through Central Texas, and two evenings had these remarkable mammatus clouds:


Moon and Sunset

These were taken from the parking lot of one of the apartments I lived in.


I went to McDonald Observatory with a group of friends to watch the Great Solar Eclipse of 1991 and got just as much video and still photos of thunderstorms as we did of the eclipse! Both of the following images were taken at the base of Mt. Locke at the Visitor Center. I know the lightning bolt isn't spectacular, like Chuck Doswell's, but, hey, it was my first, so I'm proud of it.

Thunderstorm with lightning bolt: Original

Enchanced contrast image of lightning photo



The following shots were taken from the patio of my old apartment:

Lightning bolt

Another lightning shot

A large thunderhead building behind my old apartment

And yes, it really does snow in Central Texas from time to time


Enchanted Rock 1998

Video captures


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