(a.k.a "The Tour of Big Holes in the Ground")


For Spring Break 1992, the Astronomy Students Association from the University of Texas embarked on a week long tour of the American Southwest, including some most famous holes in the ground: Carlsbad Caverns, Meteor Crater, The Grand Canyon and Chaco Canyon.

We also toured some places with astronoical interest, starting off with the McDonald Observatory and then the Very Large Array, made famous in the movie Contact.


The Very Large Array radio astronomy observatory

Four Corners - the junction of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico

The wall at Chaco Canyon with a pictograph believed to show
an observation of the Supernova of 1054 AD

Close-up of the pictograph

A storm approaching at Meteor Crater

Looking down into the Barringer Meteor Crater




Several photos of the canyon stitched together for a panorama

More photos of the Grand Canyon

Photography and Travel