In March 1997, I had a great opportunity to drive to Santa Fe, NM with my friend Rob to take his father's car to his parents' new home. One of the nicest parts of the deal was that the car in question was a 1997 Camero =). Also, I had never been to Santa Fe, and although there wouldn't be time to go up to ski, it was a nice break anyway.

After delivering the car safely (but not slowly!) to Santa Fe, we went to Bandelier National Monument, near Los Alamos.

The 'alien glyph' from Bandelier. (My name for it, not the National Park Service's!)


And we went to Ghost Ranch later in the day. Georgia O'Keeffe lived nearby, and the land was once roamed by dinosaurs. Shortly before my visit, paleontologist Bob Bakker was there to film a segment for a television documentary. Not too far away from the ranch is a wonderful geologic feature, a wind-carved echo canyon. The views back toward the ranch is great!



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