This plaque shows the site of the scaffold used for the private executions on the Tower Green. It's position relative to the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula can be seen in the Chapel photo if you look to the far bottom left.

Seven famous prisoners were executed here (see below). The private executions took place on the Tower Green within the walls of the Tower to avoid embarrassing the prisoner- or the monarch. Normally, the executions took place outside on Tower Hill and were usually viewed by thousands of spectators.

This plaque shows the names of those executed on the Tower Green along with the dates.

It reads:

On this site stood a scaffold on which were executed:

Queen Anne Boleyn			19 May 1536
Second wife of Henry VIII

Margaret, Countess of Salisbury		28 May 1541
Last Plantagenet Princess

Queen Katherine Howard			13 Feb 1542
Fifth wife of Henry VIII

Jane, Viscountess Rochford		13 Feb 1542
Wife of Anne Boleyn's brother

Lady Jane Grey				12 Feb 1554
Uncrowned Queen of 9 days

Robert Devereux				25 Feb 1601
Earl of Essex

Lord Hastings
was also beheaded near the spot in 1483


The Queen's House

The Queen's House is currently the home of the Resident Governor of the Tower of London. Originally, the Lieutenant of the Tower lived here and was the custodian of several famous prisoners: Lady Jane Grey, Guy Fawlkes and the last prisoner held in the Tower: Rudolf Hess in 1941. Anne Boleyn is said to have stayed here before her execution as well.

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