Not much remains of the childhood home of Elizabeth I. It was in the park at Hatfield that Elizabeth was told of her sister's death, and that she was now Queen of England. The oak that she was supposedly sitting under no longer remains, but Queen Elizabeth II planted a new one on that spot.

Only one wing of the original palace remains, which includes the great hall where Elizabeth held her first council upon becoming Queen. Today the hall is used for Elizabethan Banquets.

Outside the Great Hall, in the driveway area

One end of the Great Hall. Note the timber-framed ceiling

The other end of the Great Hall


The Elizabethan knot gardens are visible to the right in this photo

A close-up of the decorative brick patterns

The Old Palace and Gardens

Marble carving of Elizabeth and Court

The courtyard of the Old Palace

 All photographs © Lara E. Eakins

England and Wales 1998
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