"The Postcard View"
Yes, this is the same shot you see in most guidebooks and postcards

View from the walls of Harlech, looking towards the North West Tower.
The remains of the castle chapel are along the wall in the lower part of the picture.

A series of passages you go through to get to the inner courtyard.
As a defense feature, there were originally two portcullises.

On top of the gatehouse.
The remains of one of the chimneys is in the forground.

One of the few *straight* staircases I saw in a castle!

The inner part of the gatehouse.

A model of the castle as it would have looked like when first built

The remains of the great hall along the western range.
The four windows look out over the sea.

The front of the gatehouse

A wider shot from the 'postcard view' position.

May 22