Every 4th of July, we have a great concert and fireworks show down on the shores of the Colorado River, which runs through the middle of town. I've been lots of times, and I never get tired of it. One year, I got brave and took my camera along to try to get some photos of the fireworks. I had some moderate success. Before the show started, I got a pretty good skyline photo. The fireworks photos can be seen here.

As part of my job, I run a public viewing night on one of our telescopes (above) at the University of Texas at Austin. As a a result, I'm often in a position to see some really good evening views of town and some great sunsets. Here are a couple of photos of campus in the evening light:

The clock tower is also floodlit orange (UT's school color) on certain - usually sports related - occasions.


My former roommate, Rob, has his pilot's licence and we flew out over Lake Travis (just to the west of town). When these pictures were taken there was a lot of haze, which turns out to be a good thing when trying to take interesting sunset photos (but not a good thing if you are trying to breathe...).

Mansfield Dam, which creates Lake Travis

A woodpecker in my front yard

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